Every two years, leaders of the Commonwealth meet to discuss current issues affecting the Commonwealth and its many diverse citizens. The meeting, known as the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), was last held in Malta in November 2015 and included People’s, Women’s, Youth and Business Fora. The next one is in the United Kingdom. It is this biennial event that is emulated through Model Commonwealth Summits, or model CHOGMs. The RCS ACT Branch has a historical track record in organising Model Commonwealth Summits. Our last event was held at Old Parliament House in 2016 in the old House of Representatives chamber.  

Model Commonwealth Summits operate much like a model UN scenario, with individuals acting as the heads of government of Commonwealth countries and engaging in discussions as their country would. Critically, country representatives in a Model Commonwealth Summit must reach a consensus on the issues discussed, adding a challenging element that is of great contemporary importance.This is a fun, active way of demonstrating how the Commonwealth works and allows students to actively participate in the learning process. It teaches presentation, research and critical thinking skills, as well as global awareness and cultural understanding. Some students are chosen for roles outside of country representation (including media, communique, and others), offering a diverse range of skill-building and appealing to a wide range of students.

Details of the 2018 Model CHOGM are forthcoming.