2020 Application Form 

Please fill out all sections of the application form and submit by the deadline 5:00pm on Friday 15th of November 2019. 


The Phyllis Montgomerie Commonwealth Award is open to Australian citizens resident in the ACT for the purpose of providing financial assistance with expenses, including travel, associated with a research or educational project to be conducted in a Commonwealth country, including Australia.

The Award has been made possible by a bequest from the estate of the late Mrs Phyllis Montgomerie OAM, a former president and life member of the Royal Commonwealth Society ACT Branch who died in 2011. Mrs Montgomerie was a lifelong advocate for social justice. The bequest is administered by the Council of the Royal Commonwealth Society ACT Branch which appoints the Award Selection Panel and which, in turn, makes recommendations to the RCS Council on a preferred recipient. The Award in 2020 will be up to $5000.

Members of the selection panel share extensive experience in academic, national and international affairs and humanitarian work in Australia and overseas.

Award Guidelines

Prospective applicants should be mindful that the work of the Royal Commonwealth Society as a civil society organisation and a charity is directed toward improving the lives and prospects of people throughout the Commonwealth. In this context, projects of interest to the RCS are wide-ranging across many fields, for example, education, health, agriculture, infrastructure, social justice, development, governance or inter-country relationships. Applicants should identify how their projects could benefit Commonwealth citizens, or countries, in terms of practical outcomes or by adding to existing knowledge, for examp­le, about that country’s history.

Successful applicants will need to provide the Society with a witnessed acquittal statement on how the funds were spent.


Applications must be submitted using this online form and reach the RCS before 5:00pm on Friday 15th of November 2019. We recommend that you save a separate copy of your application.

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If you have received or will receive other grants or funding for this project please give us details here.
Please tell us how you expect to spend the funds awarded. Keep in mind that successful applicants have to give us evidence of how they aquitted the funds awarded.
Please describe how your project will help Commonwealth citizens. If you need more guidance please read the notes at the beginning of this application to understand the objectives of this award.
Referees should be familiar with you and your project.
Please give us a contact email, phone number and professional address.
Please give us a contact email, phone number and professional address.
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