Commonwealth Day

The Commonwealth Day Celebration Committee is an informal group of representatives of the Royal Commonwealth Society (ACT), the Commonwealth Round Table in Australia, the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture and various religious denominations.  It is chaired by Mr Tony Eggleton AO CVO.

Commonwealth Day is celebrated on the second Monday of March throughout the Commonwealth of Nations.

The main activity of the Committee is the conduct of an annual multi-faith celebration. Each year there is theme selected by the Commonwealth Secretariat in London. The celebration is based upon a similar event held in Westminter Catherdral (London) which is attended by the Queen who delivers a message focused on the theme.

In Canberra the Celebration is held at the chapel of the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture in Barton, ACT and involves leaders from all of the major religions as well as cultural performances representing various Commonwealth countries.

Faiths represented include Bahai, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jain, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh. 
Cultural performances involve participants from various countries representing the broad diversity of the Commonwealth. Commonwealth High Commissioners, Federal and local ACT politicians and other dignitaries as well as the public are invited to attend. The Queen’s Commonwealth Day message is read.